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What's Balinese ?


Balinese belong to a family of oriental cats, so that they are relatives of Siamese and Oriental Short & Long Hair cats.

They differe from Siamese only with the lenght of the coat.
Balinese are a bit special for their strong personality.

If you look for a friend peaceful and quiet, which will always walk his own ways, sleep all day on soft pillow in warmest place of your house and come to you only when hungry…, don’t choose Balinese.


Everyone have seen a Balinese, have obviously noticed two main things: one is the incredibly blue of eyes which absolutely bewitch everyone; the second is the special quality of the coat which points out the elegant and slender body, but it is also so soft and silky in touch that you couldn’t stop to cuddle it.

The modern standard of Balinese wants a long, slim and muscular body, long legs, long tail, and long head in form of triangle with the straight nose, large and low set ears and deep blue almond shaped eyes.

The most distinctive feature of the Balinese is its luxurious tail plume.

The Balinese’s coat’s color is the same as Siamese: Himalayan pattern which consists on a color concentration on a distal parts of the body such as nose, ears, tail and legs; the rest of the body remains much more clear.

The beautiful appearance in a Balinese is combined by an exceptional personality.


It can be that, having such an extroverted animal, you will feel a bit annoyed with his expansive, invasive behavior. You may also realize that your cat is a bit bored, left alone 10-12 hours a day because of your professional engagement.

In this case, the better thing to do is to take another cat of a related breed, which will fit your Balinese with his character (the best would be to take another Balinese).

They adore also the company of other cats, two cats will play together, run the crazy races across all house, and sometimes they will fight and exercise strange feline rituals that humans will never understand the right meaning.

This way, the master is a little bit less busy to entertain his animal friend, but, on the other hand, he may have great time to observe the cats together. He may want to switch off you television for weeks, because what happens in the house is better than “reality tv”.

But attention!

You may notice another kind of problems: the cats will compete between them for your attention.

You will have to learn to give to both cats the equal treatment and attention.

If one of them is cuddled less than other, he could feel offended and depressed, he will wear a long face for a while. But every master will easily manage with it



They are very sociable and cuddlesome cats.

They constantly need master’s attention and tenderness and they have thousand ways to demonstrate it.

They follow you in every home activity and observe your every move.

They put the nose in the book you read, try to walk on the keyboard or stand in front of monitor, when you work on computer. Bring the favorite toy and put it near your feet, than look straight on your eyes to tell you “play with me”.

 When you have visitors, after smelling them, they usually sit on their knees. If you keep ignoring them, they start to do what they know is forbidden, they will even do naughty things in order to attract your attention.

They normally are less talkative than the average of Siamese cats, but, they will voice loudly if they feel lonely, if they can’t follow you or when you’re back home after a working day.

If you only let the door of your bed room opened, they sleep in your bed. Balinese are very people loving cats.

They are also very active, they don’t like “peace & quiet”, they adore something happens all the time.

Normally they get bored easily and you have to be very creative to invent every day a new play.

They are extremely intelligent: they can learn many things; you can teach them a series of tricks which they treat as a kind of fun, but attention: it can happen that they don’t want to make a demonstration of it in the presence of your friends. If they do something of funny, they do it simply when they want, just to have fun and to be in contact with you; hardly ever they find pleasure to be a public attraction. They adore when you talk to them, you can tell them everything, and speak of every topic.

After a time, you will have many proofs that they understand your every word and react on what you’re telling.



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