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When the first Balinese girl came to live with us, we have completely folen in love with these exceptional cats. Their deep blue eyes follow us everywhere and we can't imagine any more our life without them.

They acompaign us everywhere in the house, they assit in every our activity. They adore receiving visitors and try to be allways in the center of attention.

They are curious and open to new experiences, they allways need to explore some new things and to know new people and places.

The oriental temperament is what we really adore about Balinese and Orientals cats and would not exchange these breeds for any other.



Enything you do, you do it with Viola


Basics of our cattery

Our cattery is and will remain an amatorial little cattery. Our main principle is to guarantee the best possible life condition for our cats. It means, satisfy all their needs in order to breed healthy and happy cats which feel comfortable in people company. Apart from food, comfort and cleanness, they absolutely need human attention and love and we dedicate them all the time out of our professional  life.

For us the breeding and showing cats is a hobby, one which suits our temperaments and lifestyle.


Krzysztof sleeping on the sofa - never without a cat


breeding program

Our main breeding target is to breed Balinese and Oriental Longhair (Mandarin) possibly most close to the breed standard of Siamese and Orientals. For this reason we will sometimes breed with shorthair cats (SIA and OSH) to better type for our longhair cats. The variants (shorthair cats longhair gene carriers) are very important for our breeding program.



BALINESE: all classic colors of point with special preference for tortie and red point cats. Sometimens also tabby points. We are going also to breed the foreign white Balinese.

ORIENTAL LONGHAIR (MANDARIN/javanese):  for the moment we concentrate on solid colors and tortie and tabby.






UK is a playful boy (during a show in Krakow on June 2005)



The cattery is constantly under supervision of veterinary doctors.

Our cats are regularly vaccinated and dewormed, and tested for FIV & FELV (negative).  


We apply also the prevention program against PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) - hereditary eye disorder in felines, which leads to blindness. Our breeding cats are tested in Veterinaty Genetics Laboratory US Davis. In this basis we plan the matings in order to have always kittens free of this disease. To read more about PRA ...(soon)




We are breeding quite rare cats, both Oriental Longhair and Balinese are unknown for the large public. It's the reason why we consider the cat's show attendance an important element of our breeding activity. The participation to the cat show is an opportunity to speak with show visitors and to tell them about Balinese and to exchange experiences with other breeders. We are very happy if by the way our cats get sometimes some title or some trophy. 


    Thea Friskovec with Belle Epoque av Karitzy on Trinagle Show May 2006


Our standard in the bringing up kittens is a close contact with humans starting from the very first days of their life. This way our kittens are growing up friendly and confident for people. Kittens leave us at minimum 3 months age when they are completly prepared for the new home's life. Besides of the pedigree, they are provided of veterinary booklet which certifies dubble vaccination and deworming of a kitten. The kittens have mikrochip and petpassport (if sold abroad). The company kittens will be spyed before living our cattery to a new home.

We sign the contract with new owners of a kitten. We also hope to keep in touch with the new owner beeing ready to give any help and advice about the kitten and waiting for news and pictures of him.   


Our first litter from Viola and U.K - Febbruary 2005


We sometimes agree to give away a kitten with breeding rights, but only to experienced and reliable breeders. We will qualify for breeding and showing, the kittens without any genetic defect and promissing breeding and showing succeses. Every breeding and showing cat passes the FIV/FELV test before leaving the cattery. The white cats will be provided with the result of audiometric test.

More info about selling conditions....

Litter "D" - January 2006



February 2003

first Balinese kitten, Viva Viola Silent Song arrives from Russia

January 2004

we became member of the feline club aparteining to FIFe

February 2004  

first cat show: our Balinese girl gets her first certificates

April 2004

prefix Gattinata*Pl registred in FIFe 

13 June 2004

U.K. du Phare Breton, 6 months old male, arrives from Belgium;

13 June 2004

the first  Gattinata*PL litter- 1 female, Angelina OLH havana, which stays in our cattery

19 December 2004

first Balinese litter B was born

8 September 2005

little Balinese seal tortie point girl, Belle Epoque av Karitzy, from the excellent cattery in Norway arrives to our cattery

14 September 2005

birth of litter "C"

11 November 2005

birth of litter "D" - 3 Balinese kittens, one of the females Desdemona will stay with us

27 November 2005

U.K.du Phare Breton, for his second birthday, finishes the European Champion

11 December 2005

Belle Epoque av Karitzy, as only 7 months old kitten, gets the title of Junior Winner

16 June 2006

birth of litter "E" - Balinese-Mandarin litter - Esmeralda, OLH havana will stay in our cattery

20 October 2006

Bith of Litter "F" - Belle gave birth to 5 variants kittens out of foreign white stud Ko-Koyetto, between them there was an exceptional red tabby point boy, Ferrari who will stay in our cattery as a stud 

28 April 2007

Ferrari di Gattinata*PL, gets his 5th Best In Show in youngsters and became Junior Winner

20 May 2007

Birth of Litter "G" - 6 nice Balinese kittens out of a red point boy, Azhar von Amor from Bavaria, we keep a charming female Gioconda out of this litter.

3 June 2007

Belle Epoque av Karitzy - on a show in Usti nad Labem has finishedd his title of European Champion  

19 September 2007

 Birth of Litter "H" - Belle finally gave birth to the foreign white variants we dreamed for long time; we keep Himalaya of our "white Balinese" program. 

2 December 2007

 U.K.du Phare Breton gets his 10th cup which gives him a prestigeous title of Distinguished  Show Merit

27 January 2008  

Ferrari di Gattinata*PL gets his 6th certificate CAGCIB, and becomes Grand Inter Champion

5 March 2008

Birth of Litter "I" - 5 Balinese and and 1 Siamese variant 

1st April 2008

Birth of Litter "J" - 2 Balinese and 2 Orientals variant

   to be continued...


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