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Litter "Y"

October 6th, 2012 - birth of the nice litter of Balinese, Javanese and variant kittens

Happy parents are:



IC FIN*Hämynhäivän Finn-Babar

Balinese male

DOB: November 14th, 200

Color: red point


PRA: heterozygous carrier


Tina di Gattinata*PL

Oriental SH variant female 

DOB: September 28th, 2010

Color: ebony

EMS: OSH var n

PRA: negative


Y Litter Pedigree

If you are interested on a kitten of this litter, don't hesitate to contact us

by e-mail , skype: gattinata

or phone + 48 - 22 - 7340194 or mobile: +48 - 606 - 312 056


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Yoda Master SIA var b Siamese chocolate point

lives with

Corrine  Jacques in Belgium

Yugo Amaryl OSH n Oriental shorthair ebony lives with Agnieszka in Marki near Warsaw 

Yojimbo BAL n Balinese seal point available

Yennefer OSH f Oriental shorthair black tortie

lives with

Corrine  Jacques in Belgium


Yabu Kasigi OSH n Oriental shorthair ebony lives with Iza & Pawe³ in Nadarzyn

Yokozuna OLH n Oriental longhair ebony lives with Leena in Finland


Y kittens - 28 days old - 4th November 2012 

Y kittens - 21 days old - 28th October 2012 

Y kittens - 14 days old - 20th October 2012 

Y kittens - 7 days old - 13th October 2012 

Birth day /one day old- 6-7 October 2012


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