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For who is interested on buying a Gattinata's kitten ...

  • Gattinata*PL kittens, both for breeding/showing or as pet, will be entrusted only to responsible and cat loving persons.
  • We are doing the accurate selection between candidates for new owners of our kittens: we transfer our kittens only to people who we met personally  and made sure that they have good intention and can afford the responsibility to assure the proper conditions of life for our kitten, take care of his wellbeing, his diet, his hygiene and his health in sense of regular preventive measures and in sense of cure in case of disease.
  • We will not entrust our kittens to persons who "want to try breeding". The kittens Gattinata*PL will be sold to serious and experienced breeders. Before we decide to give away our kitten to an unknown cattery we reserve the faculty to ask recommendations about the breeder and the cattery and about the breeding program.
  • Kittens ceded with the breeding rights will be tested FIV/FELV before leaving our cattery and the certification of its result will be certified in the health booklet or pet passport.
  • We don't approve that the cat are let go out whenever they want. The fancy cats are born and grown up for a house life and not for outdoor life. If in your opinion the cat's place is outdoor, you'd maybe better look for homeless kitten and safe his life, if you take care of him. 
  • However, the cats adore staying in the open air. Our cats sometimes go out, but never without our strict supervision. We have a small garden with the thick fence. Balinese, Siamese, Oriental are cats that learn very fast to walk on a leash, if you really want to walk them out. They will also appreciate the safe outdoor run for cats.
  • We think when one looks for a friend for next 15 years, maybe longer, the first selection criterion in this case should not be the price. If your first question, when you come to buy a kitten, is „how much it is?”, you’d rather go to adopt the poor animal from the animal shelter, they are to take for free.  
  • The cat, as living creature, in our opinion should not be bought as a gift to anyone. If you look for a present for your fiancée or for your child, please think something else, something which will not suffer when your dear friend or child will be bored with or when you argue with him.
  • Our kittens are very social animals. That's why we are glad if there are other cats in the new house of our kitten. Our kittens are very easy to adopt to a new place and get friend with other cats.
  • ALL Gattinata*PL kittens are sold with the FIFe pedigree. We have no kittens without pedigree.  
  • The kittens  you would buy as loving pet, will be neutered before leaving our cattery for the new owner’s house. For the pet owner not always knows the good veterinary surgeon and not easy to find a time take care of the cat after a surgery. .


If you are a cat loving person and you are looking for a dedicated and loyal companion for the next fifteen years or so, means that Gattinata's kittens are for YOU!

Contact us by e-mail or by skype Gattinata or call: +48-22-7340194; +48-606-312 056.

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